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Wigmore Trading as your Distributor

and Brand Ambassador in Nigeria and West Africa.

As you already know, Nigeria has become the number-one destination for foreign direct investment, overtaking South Africa for the first time in a decade. With a current population of 185 million people in 2015 and a projected population of 250 million people by 2030, there has never been a better time to establish your brand and your company in the last emerging giant. Nigeria also boasts the fastest growing middle class in the world, with new five-star hotels being constructed: currently 10 in Lagos, Nigeria, alone. Prices for apartments in fashionable districts of Lagos also match and surpass those of Western cities.
Wigmore Trading has an established sales and distribution infrastructure in Nigeria and Ghana, with approximately 1,500 specialised distributors and 83 employees, and 5 strategically located warehouses with 25 delivery vans, 8 delivery bikes (for smaller goods and pharmaceuticals) and 3 trucks for larger deliveries. We are also constantly growing our distribution infrastructure, not only in size but in intelligence as well; with improved systems and well-trained, well-rewarded and well-motivated staff that allow us to punch well above our weight. We strive to maintain the smartest and most efficient logistics infrastructure in Nigeria and spread this model to all neighbouring West African nations.
By combining your brand with our strong marketing, sales, supply chain management and distribution capabilities in Nigeria, we are confident we can make your product launch and infusion a success. Our experience and expertise will guide the acceleration of your growth in Nigeria, Ghana and the West African regions.
At Wigmore Trading we promote a strong sales and entrepreneurial culture. Each sales staff and area manager are given specific targets as well as the tools needed to drive and generate sales effectively. Our company has seen tremendous growth and success over the past few years due to this strong philosophy.
At Wigmore, we prefer a simple and well though-out distribution agreement that allows for maximum transparency for all parties involved. We understand that entering a new market is a learning experience and with the more data and information we gather on your behalf, the more you can make the most of your brand’s potential in the market. The more you know, the more insight you can bring into our partnership and help make the infusion and promotion of your product a greater success.
We hope to be your gateway into the market and have built a track record helping large multinational brands such as Kellogg’s and Pringles establish their own on-the-ground operations in Nigeria. We are a modern and adaptive company with a forward looking approach, we spot opportunities and use our knowledge to exploit expansion possibilities on behalf of our product owners. Our sales team are young and ambitious and we have very strong relationships with our direct customers in Nigeria. We currently have over 2500 active customers on our database, consisting of many types of businesses such as:

Where should we start?

  • Assuming you have never done business in Nigeria, the first step would be a comprehensive market research. We can provide this to you free of charge as a goodwill gesture. From here we should establish things such as:market awareness of your brand,competitors already in the market,the market potential of your product offering,

    realistic pricing strategies and price points, and

    any risks or hurdles.


  • Assuming that your market research yielded a positive result, we would then push for a sample shipment to be made to Nigeria. The sample size will be up to you, but we recommend a significant shipment to truly see where your product can go.
  • We are happy to take care of all tasks and costs relating to the clearing of your goods when they arrive but you will be expected to pay for the shipment to Nigeria.
  • We will also cover warehousing costs while your products are in Nigeria.
  • Once we have seen the speed of sales and understood the consumer demand, we will then be able to provide you with a brief report with recommendations of how to position your product as well as finalise our agreement to distribute on your behalf..
  • Once our agreement has been signed, we will immediately commence marketing of your products as well as establishing a sales incentive plan and sales strategy with our manager and sales people in order to drive the maximum exposure and uptake of your products by our retail and wholesale customers.
Here are some common mistakes we have seen being made by product owners when appointing a distributor in Nigeria:

    Appointing a company not based in Nigeria

    We advise to avoid this at all costs. Appointing a distributor that does not have existing infrastructure or activity in Nigeria is a massive risk. Not only will they never understand the market, they will underperform and most likely appoint a company similar to ourselves to actually do the work.

  • Not investing into understanding the market.

    We work with you to increase your understanding of the local market. Sometimes your product offering may require very small tweaks to become a massive success. Paying attention to the hints will put you one step ahead of the competition.

Appointing a competent and well established clearing agent. Understanding Customs, NAFDAC and any other regulatory requirements.We understanding that establishing your products identity in Nigeria consists of much more than sales and marketing and that your overall strategy will encompass many moving pieces from; regulation, importation, logistics and legal.Partnering with Wigmore Trading to increase awareness, manage the marketing & promotion of your branded product and achieve continuous sales.