Wigmore Trading LTD, 5th Floor, Mulliner Towers, Former NNPC Building 39, Alfred Rewane Way, Ikoyi Lagos

Hours: 6 am -4 pm PST M - Th; 6 am - 3 pm PST Fri

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Agri-products and Commodities

Wigmore Trading actively runs and manages a physical commodities trading business focusing on Europe, the Middle East and West Africa.

We trade and process agricultural and food products such as Rice, Sugar, Coffee, Wheat, Fish, and Edible Oils; as well as, merchandising a diverse range of commodities, ranging from Fertilisers to Steel and Aluminium Products. We are committed to providing our customers with an extremely high standard of customer service and try our best to accommodate their particular needs.

In addition to the trading of physical products, we also trade commodity derivative products through the use of financial instruments (e.g., stock, commodities, FX, interest rate and credit derivatives, energy products, ETFs etc.). Our overall trading strategy is to capitalize on market volatility.

We plan to develop and maintain a list of trading counter-parties in all of our trading sectors and to eventually trade across global markets in order to maximize our trading revenue.