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A Brief History of Wigmore Trading

The Wigmore story began in 2013 when Martin Nwike and Chris Ifeorah partnered with the intention of driving down the price of local and imported retail and consumer goods in Nigeria. The two realized that the costs of products on the shelves of many Nigerian and West African retail outlets were much higher than their equivalents abroad especially in more developed markets. After investigating this major discrepancy, it was identified that the increased price of the products on the shelves was highly due to many fragmented and inefficient importers creating chaos and disruption in the supply of consumer goods and in the process allowing mainly foreign cash and carry and wholesalers to extract unnecessary margins that would ultimately be paid by the local consumer in Nigeria and West Africa.

Clearly Nigeria and most of West Africa are emerging economies and these imported FMCGs are vital to the life blood of the country and the economy and any savings that could be derived in this arena would be cash that could be invested into business in Nigeria and West Africa eventually allowing the region to compete effectively with the rest of the world. Obviously there is a long way to go before this dream is eventually realized but a start was much needed and the hope is to one day see more manufacturing and better distribution of all necessary day-to-day products within West Africa at prices that are more realistic and fair to the local economy.

The group have developed large scale buying power with many producers locally and abroad and we are committed to pass these savings and consistency of supply directly to our customers, giving them the edge to succeed in a very ripe and often unpredictable market.

A letter from the Chairman to the Customer’s of Wigmore Trading

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome and introduce you to Wigmore Trading. We are a company built to focus on delivering the best prices on wholesale consumer products to our customers. Ultimately, we see this focus directed on building strong and durable relationships with independent retail outlets and businesses by providing the support and insight that they will require to compete effectively in this ever-changing consumer market full of new tastes and trends.

Eventually we would like to see our customers benefit greatly from a steady and reliable supply chain that is not only consistent, but able to deliver the greater diversity of consumer goods and products that can be expected anywhere else in the world! From imports to locally produced consumer goods we will source the best quality and the best prices and pass those benefits directly to you.

Our team is seasoned and experienced, with the energy and drive to help you push your business forward. We hope that in working with us you will see more sales and better returns as we know that business in Nigeria is sometime challenging and complex; we wish to bring you that much needed element of simplicity. Our fight is to make your life and the lives of your customers easy and convenient. Products ordered from us can be delivered directly to your place of business and can thus save you time and effort.

Our online registration process is quick, easy and straight forward. As soon as you’ve registered on
www.wigmorewholesale.com you can start to receive the latest deals and recommendations as well as place, manage and track your orders any time of the day, any day of the year.

We are committed to driving down and maintaining prices and every time we can make a saving from our suppliers, we will pass these directly unto you; even in such a case that we are forced to increase any of our prices, I will also personally explain why this was. We hope this New Year would see your business grow and progress and hope that our relationship will develop into a conversation. If you have a concern, feel free to share it! If there is a new product you would like us to get a hold of, feel free to let us know! Whatever you need, we will try our best to provide.