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APMT Export Verification in Nigeria – The Basics

APMT Export Verification in Nigeria – The Basics

With the rapid globalization of trade, many exporters are not able to verify their goods as required by foreign buyers. In order to ensure a smooth export process as well as maintain a good reputation for both parties, APMT provides an Export Verification service. This service allows for an audit of the exported goods and ensures that all necessary export documentation is in order. Here’s a look at how it works:

What is an Export Verification?

Export Verification is a service provided by the American Paper and Packaging Council (APMT) that allows for an audit of the exported goods. This process ensures that all necessary export documentation is in order so there are no unnecessary delays or complications during export.

There are two types of Export Verifications:

A Pre-Shipment Audit, which occurs prior to the shipment of goods; and

A Post-Shipment Audit, which occurs after the shipment of goods has already been made.

Why choose APMT for this service?

Verifying an export process is a crucial part of ensuring a smooth and successful business. APMT provides exporters with the tools needed to ensure that their goods meet all regulations and requirements for export.

APMT’s Export Verification service ensures that your goods are in compliance with foreign buyer requirements, which can help your business maintain a good reputation as well as protect you from possible penalties.

For this service, APMT charges a flat fee with no consultation fees or hidden costs. In addition, APMT offers its services worldwide, making it accessible to businesses across the globe.

How do I know what Level of Export Verification my goods need?

For exporters with only one or two shipments, it might be enough to simply provide an invoice that contains the export declaration number of the goods and their destination country. For larger importers, such as those exporting more than fifty tons of goods per year, APMT offers a Level 1 verification service that includes an inspection of the goods by our trained personnel.

If you are interested in this level of verification, contact your account representative today!

What are the steps to export verification?

Let’s say you’re an exporter that has shipped a container of products to the United States and you would like to know if those goods are eligible for export.

There are four steps required to export verification:

1) Verifying your compliance with the country’s requirements for the importation of foreign goods.

2) Obtaining a Certificate of Origin (CO).

3) Obtaining a declaration of origin, which is a document stating that the good was produced in the country or region specified.

4) Filing an application with APMT Export Verification.


APMT’s Export Verification service is a great way for exporters to eliminate the risk of missing or incomplete export documentation. Using this service will assure that your goods are going to where they need to be, and will facilitate a smooth export process with the foreign buyer.

To learn more about APMT’s Export Verification Service, visit http://www.apmt.com/services/export-verification-service.

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