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How to Become a Distributor For Eva Water in Nigeria

How to Become a Distributor For Eva Water in Nigeria

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Eva Water is a Nigerian company that has been around for over 60 years. They are the leading water purifiers in Nigeria and have distributors all throughout the country. If you’re looking to become an official distributor of Eva Water, there’s some things you need to know first:

What is Eva Water
First and foremost, you need to know that Eva Water is a bottled water company that was established in 1961. They are also one of the best water purification company in Nigeria. There are many other water purification companies in Nigeria that sell the same products as Eva Water but Eva Water is the most trusted brand by the customers. In addition to the bottled water products that Eva Water offer, they also offer a variety of purified water beverages. The products they offer are: Eva Water Pure Natural Mineral Water, Eva Water Citrus, Eva Water Natural Lemon, Eva Water Natural Orange, Eva Water Natural Strawberry, Eva Water Natural Coconut, Eva Water Natural Grapefruit, Eva Water Pure Black Tea, Eva Water Zinfandel and Eva Water Prosecco.

Get in touch with the company
1. Call or send an email to the company to confirm that they’re interested in becoming a distributor for Eva Water in Nigeria

2. Have them send you an official application form so you can fill it out and send it back to them

Get in touch with a major distributor

3. Ask if they’ll be working with Eva Water in the near future

4. Get in touch with them to discuss the logistics and how you can sell their products

5. Finally, get in touch with Eva Water to know when they’ll start sending their products to Nigeria

Ready to get started?

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How do I become a distributor in Nigeria?
As an official distributor of Eva Water, you’ll need to be apart of a member of the IALGA Association.

To be part of the IALGA Association, you’ll need to become an official member of the National Association of Licensed Equipment Repairers (NALER).

To be a part of the IALGA Association, you’ll also need to undergo an online application process. This application process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Once you’ve been approved by the IALGA Association, you’ll have to visit IALGA’s website to complete your background check.

Once your background check is approved, you’ll need to submit your official letter of application. Your application is then submitted to IALGA’s Corporate Affairs Department.

When can I start selling?
You will need to be available in Nigeria on a fixed day and time to become an official distributor. You will need to fill out an application and be interviewed. Only successful candidates will be accepted.

You can only be a distributor if you’re a registered entity and can prove this by showing proof.

What if I don’t have a house or office?

Eva Water will contact you and guide you through all the processes involved.

What type of business will I be selling?

You will need to be able to sell Eva Water in a small shop. You can offer other products as well but you will need to show them to people that you are an official distributor of Eva Water.

Do I need to be a lawyer?

No, but you will need to be able to prove that you have a good knowledge of the Nigerian market.

What does a successful distributor do?
A successful distributor represents a company and helps it by selling their products and increasing their clientele. You will be building new relationships and getting more clients. There’s really no better job as a distributor than to expand your company and you can do that through being an Eva Water dealer. You’ll be a good promoter for Eva Water and you’re in a position to help people stay healthy and safe from diseases.

What does being a distributor entail?

You’ll be working in the sales department of Eva Water. You will be responsible for researching their product line, setting up a network of distributors and identifying the problems in your local market. You’ll be making sales, reporting on your activities and working to improve the company’s performance.

Eva Water is a water purifier that is at par with any international brand. The company offers superior quality water to customers, ensuring their safety from all kinds of water-borne diseases. So, if you are interested in becoming an official distributor for Eva Water, then do check out the following details on how to become one.

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