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How to Become a Distributor for Fanta in Nigeria: Steps, Requirements and Tips

How to Become a Distributor for Fanta in Nigeria: Steps, Requirements and Tips

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Are you Nigerian and interested in becoming a distributor for Fanta? Read this blog post to find out how! You will learn about the steps, requirements, and tips.

We are looking for distributors who can meet our demands of supplying us with products like Fanta. If you’re willing to work hard and want to make your dreams come true then read on! We’ll tell you what it takes to become one of our distributors.

What is Fanta?
Fanta is a soft drink made by Coca-Cola. It is the number one selling soft drink in Nigeria and in other African countries. The drink comes in an orange flavour and a lemon flavour. The citrus flavour is specially designed to refresh consumers.

In order to understand the requirements for being a Fanta distributor, we will need to first look at the brand and how it’s distributed. We will also have to learn about the primary market that Fanta serves. Let’s take a look.

What is the primary market that Fanta serves?

The primary market for Fanta is the Nigerian market. According to reports, Nigeria’s soda market alone is worth around $100m a year. Coca-Cola makes the drink available in market places, hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, and cinemas.

The Steps to Becoming a Distributor for Fanta
Here are the steps to becoming a distributor for Fanta:

Make sure you have a team of workers. If you have all the necessary materials to start selling, then you’re already ahead of the pack. Follow these guidelines and have your team join your enterprise. Source the materials you’ll need. Remember, if you’re a fresh new entrepreneur then you don’t need to go too expensive. Pay the right person to manufacture the Fanta. You’ll be doing this person a huge favor by sharing your product. The factory will then sell to your customers. Work on a sample product. If you’re producing Fanta, then sample it. After that, test it and develop it in line with the kind of taste you want. Discuss it with your customers to know their opinion.

Requirements to become a Distributor for Fanta
1. Fanta is available in 2 variants: Original and Sprite. If you’re new to the business, you can start off with one variant.

2. You must be willing to work hard as an independent distributor. You’ll need to work the business like a full-time job. At first, you must have all the finances in order to set up your office and buy the things needed for the business. After that, you should have your own trade license and register your business.

3. You must have the desire to succeed and be patient. If you have passion for what you’re doing then you’re on the right track.

4. You must be willing to become a salesman to sell the products. Sales should be your first priority in business. If you like selling, then you must show your customers why they should buy Fanta.


Tips and Tricks to Become a Successful Distributor for Fanta
If you want to become a Fanta distributor then follow these steps:

Search for Distributors in your area – You will be required to search for distributors in your area. Visit their websites and contact them. Call them and meet with them – You will be required to meet with distributors to establish and perfect a partnership. Set up a meeting with them – Once you’ve been introduced to distributors and they’re interested in working with you, you’ll meet with them to discuss a minimum order. You will have to agree on the number of bottles and when you’re expecting to deliver to them. Consider cost to build a partnership – During the meeting you will also discuss the cost involved in forming a partnership. Once you’ve agreed on the price you’ll go ahead and sign a formal contract.

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Fantastic Facts About Fanta

The most well-known Fanta drink brand is a lemon flavoured soft drink that was created in 1987. It was launched in Nigeria by P&G Nigeria, a subsidiary of PepsiCo Nigeria Ltd., and is known for its use of real fruit flavours. It is believed that the name Fanta was a contraction of the French word Franta (which means “lemon”). PepsiCo first bottled and sold the Fanta range of soft drinks in Nigeria in 1995 and since then it has become one of the best selling brands in Nigeria.

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