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How to Import Goods From Bulgaria to Nigeria.

How to Import Goods From Bulgaria to Nigeria.

Buying products from overseas has never been easier. But, it’s more important than ever that you know what to buy and what not to buy. There are many ways to get goods into Nigeria, but the most reliable and safest way is through a private company called Global Trade Connections. Through this company, you can ship goods anywhere in the world for a cheap price. This guide will give you a step-by-step process on how to import goods from Bulgaria to Nigeria.

Goods you can import

Global Trade Connections has a variety of products to choose from. If you want to import goods from Bulgaria, Global Trade Connections has a wide range of products that are easily available in Nigeria. This includes health and beauty care products, household items, furniture, electronics, and much more.

The best part about importing through Global Trade Connections is that they will even organize the shipping process for you! Even if some of the items don’t fit in your luggage or car, they will get them delivered to your address for free.

How to go about making the purchase

1. Apply for a Global Trade Connections account

2. Fill out the form to request for an import quote

3. Once your request is accepted, send your goods to the address given in your quote

4. Once everything has been fulfilled, you will receive confirmation and a tracking number

5. Enjoy!

Applying for an import license

Before you start importing goods, it is important to apply for an import license. Apply for a license with the Nigerian Customs Service and International Trade Development Board. This will allow your company to import goods into Nigeria.

Once you have your license, the process of importing goods from Bulgaria to Nigeria begins!

First, you’ll need to fill out an application with Customs Services at the port of entry on arrival in Nigeria. The application must be filled out in-person at the airport or online before going through customs. Once this has been done, your goods will be inspected by Customs Officers and if everything looks okay, they will give you a letter of release so that you can finish the export process.

Preparing the goods for shipment

Shipping goods is not a straightforward process, especially when it comes to importing them. You will have to prepare the products for shipment before they get sent out.

The first step is to check the size of your package. It must be no more than 20 kg and no less than 10 kg. If your package weighs less than 10 kg, you’ll need to send it through courier (at extra cost) or pay a customs duty fee. If the parcel weighs more than 20 kg, you’ll have to hire a freight company and ship it yourself.

Next, make sure you fill out all of the necessary forms with your export information so that the goods can be shipped correctly and avoid delays in transit.

Once all these steps are taken care of, Global Trade Connections will help you get your goods ready for shipment by packaging them properly and labeling them with their own marking system. They will also take care of international shipping duties and taxes on behalf of you so that they can avoid any issues while exporting goods from Bulgaria to Nigeria.

Ship your products over to Nigeria.

The first step you need to take is to locate a reliable company that will ship your products from Bulgaria to Nigeria. After doing some research, Global Trade Connections seems like the best choice for you.

Next, you’ll want to fill out a form for customs clearance. You may be required to fill out this form prior to being able to ship your goods. The final step is finding a carrier that will work with your shipment and get it there on time.

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