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How to Import Valves into Nigeria

How to Import Valves into Nigeria

Importing valves into Nigeria can be a challenging process. Valves are not commonly found in Nigeria but are very important for many industries. Valves are the most important part of the fluid system that regulates flow to ensure that fluids are distributed in the right amounts at the right times. If you’re looking into importing valves into Nigeria, then there are some things you need to know about this process. Here is how to import valves into Nigeria.

Importing Valves into Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country with many natural resources and people. Nigeria also imports different types of valves from other countries. The reason for this is because Nigerians don’t have the skills or the knowledge to design and create these valves on their own. Valves are not common in Nigeria, but if you’re looking into importing valves into Nigeria, then there are some things you need to know about this process.

Finding the Right Supplier

In order to import valves into Nigeria, you’ll first need to find the right supplier.

There are several thousand manufacturers of valves worldwide. Finding a reliable valve supplier can be difficult due to this large number. However, there are a few ways you can narrow down your search for a good valve supplier.

First, consider the quality of the valves being sold by a specific company. Quality is an important factor when selecting a valve supplier because low-quality products may not last as long as higher-quality products. If you’re looking into importing valves from China or India, then there is a high chance that these products will have lower quality than those from other countries.

Next, remember that price can be an indicator of quality as well. In most cases, cheaper prices indicate lower-quality products and vice versa. In order to import new valves into Nigeria without sacrificing quality, it’s important to compare suppliers on both price and quality before making your final decision.

Obtaining a License

Before you can import valves, you’ll need a license from the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment. The license is not difficult to obtain as long as you have a credible company with a legal address in Nigeria.

Gaining Customs Clearance

The first step to importing valves into Nigeria is obtaining customs clearance. To acquire this, you will need to have your items cleared for import by the Nigerian Customs Service. You will need to fill out a declaration form that will be given to you at the airport or port of entry.

There are some exceptions where you do not need these permits but this is usually for small amounts of goods where it can be shown that they are for personal use. This exception only applies if the total value of the goods does not exceed NGN 50,000 or USD 100 per person.

The Nigerian Customs Service may charge a fee and levies on any imported goods and these charges should be paid before goods can be cleared and shipped through customs.

Transporting Your Valves to Nigeria

It is important to know that not all valves are allowed into Nigeria. Your valve must be on the list of permitted items to enter the country. If your valve is not on this list, you will need to apply for an import permit before you can move it into Nigeria.

The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) provides a list of allowed goods on their website, which can be found here: http://customs.gov.ng/List-of-Allowed-Goods

After you find the list, search for ‘valves’ or ‘pipe valves’. If your product is not on this list, then you will need to apply for an import permit before you can transport it into these products into Nigeria.


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