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How To Become a Distributor for Life Beer in Nigeria: A Simple Guide

How To Become a Distributor for Life Beer in Nigeria: A Simple Guide

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The founders of Life Beer are passionate about their product, and want to share it with Nigeria. You can be a part of this exciting opportunity by becoming a distributor. There are many benefits to joining the team, including getting access to exclusive events and promotions!

What is Life Beer?
Life Beer is a brand of beer brewed in Nigeria, that was first launched in 1994. The beer is produced at the Co-producers Company Nigeria Breweries Limited, owned by Heineken International. It is brewed in a specialty German technology, and according to the founders, it offers a unique taste with a unique shelf life of 2 years.

To understand how easy it is to become a distributor, take a look at these tips below:

1. Find out how to become a distributor of Life Beer by joining the Life Beer organisation in Lagos

Life Beer runs three training sessions per year. They will run them at the Co-producers Company, Sango Bay Resort, Ipaja, Lagos.

If you are in Lagos, there are two sessions running on the 13th and 20th of October.

The sessions will last for three days, and will include:


Why Distributing for Life Beer?
Part of the appeal of selling for Life Beer is the inclusive vision. Not only do you get to share the love of beer with others, but you also get to be a part of something very meaningful. The product is being made to share with people all over the world, and you get to be a part of that!

You also get a chance to learn new skills and knowledge. Becoming a distributor opens your eyes to a whole new set of opportunities you might not have considered before.

Benefits of becoming a distributor


Life Beer aims to connect with consumers and fans. You get the opportunity to participate in unique promotional activities that make you a part of the campaign. The key here is to get to see the product first hand. Think of it as a preview to the products you’re about to order.

How to become a distributor
Visit the site www.lifebeerng.com to download your booking form, and obtain further information about membership options. Alternatively, contact Vindi or Muna on their email: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] respectively.

Find out how to become a distributor for Life Beer here

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Benefits of becoming a distributor for life beer
Get free ‘Sip and Drive’ drinks

Get an awesome head’s up for the next big Life promotion

Know the fun new games you can play at a Life Beer Club event (no drink required)

Team up with your colleagues to win prizes

Have exclusive access to Life Beer parties and outings

Become part of the official Life Beer team

Being a distributor for life beer in Nigeria can be the perfect career move for you. You can get valuable training and develop a reputation for great service. With perks like these, why wouldn’t you want to join the team?

Additional information about becoming a distributor for life beer in Nigeria

To get started, you must apply online. It is simple to sign up, and you should only have a few weeks to complete your application.

What is the process of becoming a distributor?
The entire process of becoming a distributor can be summed up with a few steps. First, you need to register as a distributor with Life Beer. They offer a number of packages to choose from, but as the company’s official distributor, you should go for the official package which includes perks such as great discounts and customer support.

To register as a distributor, click here.

Once you are a distributor, you need to go through an orientation program before you are allowed to start selling the beer. After the orientation, you can start selling Life Beer.

How do I become a distributor for life?

Click here for more information.

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Source: https://lifebeernigeria.

FAQs about becoming a distributor
What you need to know about joining the Life Beer team

Are there any other ways to join?

The easiest way to join the Life Beer team is to get your friend to become a distributor. You then send in the account information for them to get started. Or if you prefer, we will put you on our newsletter so you can keep updated on all things Life.

What kind of perks can I expect?

If you get the opportunity to join our team, you’ll receive exclusive discounts for Life Beer products. As well as you will get to attend some of our events and partner with other brands on events.

There are other ways to experience Life. You can participate in our campaigns by purchasing the #LifeBetter to win an exclusive keg of beer or exclusive t-shirts. You can also be a contributor in the Life Better podcast.

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