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Top Nigerian products sold in UK
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The UK is an excellent market for importers from Nigeria, and the trade growth in 2019 was 15.49% compared to a world average of 3.50%. As demand for these imports increases on this side of the pond, now’s your chance to get some great deals! If you’re looking into importing locally made weaves–here are our six hottest ideas:

Nigeria’s imports have an excellent opportunity for international traders in 2021. With the UK market still relatively untapped, Nigeria offers a wealth of opportunities to trade almost anything you want at affordable prices! The top export from 2018 was weaves with $53 billion worth being exported last year alone – and that doesn’t include locally made ones as well! So here are our 6 hottest ideas:

Hair / Weave Trade
As a result of Westerners paying top dollar for African hair, there has been an increased demand in both weaves and extensions. In fact, the market is worth up to $6 billion dollars annually!

Nigeria is a powerhouse for textile exports. For instance, the Nigerian market alone generates $32 billion in export revenue each year. This industry also has access to U.S markets; because of its unique designs and quality control, Nigeria’s textiles can enter with duty free passage into this country which leads it as one of their largest consumers worldwide!

Cosmetics and Soaps
Nigeria has been growing quickly in the cosmetics and soap industry but it is still considered a developing market. Soaps, toiletries, dishes and other laundry items are already being exported from Nigeria to neighboring countries that lack these products as well as African markets where they can be sold for higher margins than what Nigerian sellers would receive otherwise.

Ginger, Garlic and Nuts
Nigeria exports of nut related produce including oil seed, oleagic fruits, grain and seeds to China alone was more than $15 million in 2019. Ginger is one of the most traded spices in the world which Nigeria has an abundance while garlic also makes it on top of list that are very exportable from Nigeria as well. Starting a Trans-Sahara or Trans-Atlantic trade with these products will be profitable because they have high demand around this area for its medicinal purposes

Palm Kernel Oil
Palm Kernel Oil is a versatile oil with many uses, and it’s rich in proteins. It can be used for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products such as toothpaste (tooth powder), confectioneries like chocolates or sweets containing palm kernel oils are low-calorie food items that provide essential nutrients to the body while not contributing cholesterol levels because of its high level of saturated fatty acids – unlike other fats which raise our blood lipids/cholesterol levels when consumed excessively.

Cocoa from Nigeria
Cocoa from Nigeria is the foundation of most popular chocolates. This fruit’s juice and pulp are used to produce a variety of skin care products, health supplements, pharmaceuticals…and demand for Cocao in America and England has never been higher! The perfect place for cocoa farming? You guessed it: Nigeria!

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