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Lagos Nigeria Wine Distributors: Find The Best One For You
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Nigeria is a country with many cultures, which means that the number of wine distributors in Lagos is varied. There are three main types of wines you will find here: imported wines, Nigerian wines and locally produced wines. The first two are more expensive than the last one but all can be found at various prices depending on where you’re looking for them. Imported wine come from countries like France or Italy while Nigerian ones come from Nigeria itself. Locally produced wine comes from wineries located in Nigeria as well as other African countries such as Kenya or Malawi. Finding the right distributor for your needs depends on what you want to spend and taste preference among others things so it’s important to do your research before buying any bottles if possible!

Finding the Right Wine

Not everyone drinks wine. If you are in Nigeria and have absolutely no idea what wine tastes like, you will not find the right distributor in a hurry. The first thing to do when searching for a wine distributor in Lagos is to find a place where you can try out wine. It could be at a restaurant, in a hotel or at your best friend’s house. Do not underestimate the taste, you’ll like what you taste and you will come back for more! The way wine is served in Nigeria can really make a difference in what you will taste. Most distributors offer different wine experiences, so it’s important to do a little research to choose the best one for you.

Where to Find Wines in Lagos
Finding wine in Lagos is not an easy task but that is not necessary a bad thing. Sometimes it’s more important to have a niche product than to have a lot of options. The problem is that the brands and the producers of this kind of wine cannot always be easily found. Therefore, there are some distributors in Lagos that produce their own wines and therefore carry them. You can find their products at various wine markets in the city, both one-off businesses or official stores that have imported wines. It is also possible to find wines at wine shops and some specialized wine stores where you can get the full range of wines of a specific producer.

A Guide To Imported Wines

1. The Big 4: Lagos
When it comes to imported wines you have four main distributors. The big four are Lagos & Abeokuta Plantations Ltd, Nnewi Foods Ltd, Lagos Wine Ltd, and Hill Head Ltd.

Lagos & Abeokuta Plantations is the most known of the lot since they have been around for years. They sell wines at their Plantation Bar and have a massive portfolio of over 500 brands available. Their online store is also one of the best online retail platforms when it comes to wines in Nigeria with various shopping boxes.

Wigmore Wholesale is also a well-known import company that specializes in international brands. They have even partnered with their sister company to make one of the best branded products in Nigeria namely Platinum Super Premium bottled water.

A Guide To Nigerian Wines
One thing you’ll notice when visiting wine shops in Nigeria is that most don’t offer varieties specific to the country. There’s a reason for this, though, as only a small percentage of Nigerians know about wine, let alone the rules and regulations associated with purchasing alcohol in the country. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the grape and visiting wine shops though. You can find what’s best for you here so start planning now!

What Kind Of Wine Are You Looking For?

If you’re more concerned about the wines being imported from countries such as France, then you’ll be looking for bottles which are higher priced. There are wines that are around $15 to $20 a bottle which are best for you and that you can find in a few stores.

A Guide To Locally Produced Wines

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering what makes a locally produced wine different from a foreign one. In order to understand why they taste different, we have to take a look at each of their characteristics individually. Imported wine usually have a high alcohol content of around 17% – 18% which is the highest in comparison to other countries where minimum alcohol content is usually 12%. In order to make a product that can be consumed by a lot of people, the bottle is smaller than in many other countries and this is the reason why wine prices are the highest. A common bottle size in Nigeria is 600 ml but in other countries it could be different. Wine lovers usually describe it as rich and full. Also, wine does not have to be consumed straight away to be safe.

The wine distributors listed above are definitely worth checking out and will likely find one that fits your needs and taste preferences. There are many products they carry and wine, if you’re looking for quality and cheaper options, you can definitely find them at good prices!

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